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NASA's Mars Exploration Program needs your image nominations for Mars As Art 2!
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Opening for a scientist (postdoctoral level) to join the Radiobiology Unit at the Belgian Nuclear Research Center SCK-CEN
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A PhD position (4 years) is available at our Department of Earth Sciences (Utrecht University)
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European Course : Evolution of the Biosphere : Origins of life &life in space
Banyuls (France), August 17-28, 2009
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"Space life summer school 2009"
Summer school "Living with a star: Basics in Space Life Sciences"

The Summer School website has been updated with information and application details (including online registration possibility for students) for 2009 "Exoplanets: Discovering and characterizing Earth type planets", held from July 21-30.
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Bourse de thèse pour 2009-2011; Domaine de recherche : Exobiology
Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire and the Institut de Sciences de la Terre, CNRS, Orléans
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Applications are invited for an Origins Institute (OI) Astrobiology Postdoctoral Fellowship to commence on, or after Sept. 1, 2009 for an initial period of 2 years, with the possibility of renewal for a third year.
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We are looking for a PostDoc Scientist who is motivated to join our Unit of Microbiology at SCK/CEN
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XXIV Ph.D. cycle in Aerospace, Naval and Quality Engineering at the University of Naples (Italy) “Federico II”.
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Announcement of a PhD position in prebiotic chemistry at the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart), Germany
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ISSOL call for nominations for the Miller award for young scientists
DL: April 1st, 2008
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École d'exobiologie organisée par le CNRS, avec la collaboration du FNRS
EXOBIO' 07- Propriano (Corse) 22 au 29 septembre 2007
Des soleils à la vie : où, quand, comment ?
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Summer School Alpbach 2007 devoted to "Astrobiology: Life detection in and from space"
Summer School Alpbach 2007 July 17 -26 Alpbach/Tyrol - Austria
Should be submitted to the Aeronautics and Space Agency of FFG before March 31, 2007.
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Call for Proposals for International Teams in Space Science (incl. Geosciences)
Two/three one-week meetings over 12-18 months, ISSI in Bern, Switzerland.
Letter of Intent:February 19, 2007 Deadline for proposals:March 27. 2007
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