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0085 22-10-2014 Veronique Dehant (ROB) College Belgique on Evolution du système solaire, des planètes, et habitabilité - 4, 13, 18 November 2014 PDFsmall (1K) Info
0084 26-10-2014 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Permanent exhibition "From dinosaurs to meteorites" - inauguration - 14 November 2014 Info
Veronique Dehant (ROB) Astriobiology FNRS Contact Group - 3 November 2014 Info
0082 08-09-2014 Veronique Dehant (ROB) College Belgique on Space weather - 30 September 2014 & 8 October 2014 PDFsmall (1K) Info
0081 03-06-2014 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Astrobiology Contact Group annual meeting and "Collège Belgique" in November PDFsmall (1K) Info
0080 27-01-2014 Veronique Dehant (ROB) "Collège Belgique": Conferences on 19 and 20 February (so very soon!): "Depuis l’atome primitif en cosmologie jusqu'à la Station spatiale internationale" with Dominique Lambert (UNAM) and Frank De Winne (ESA astronaut) PDFsmall (1K) Info
0079 27-01-2014 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Interdisciplinary Colloquium from the European Academy on "Formation des systèmes stellaires et planétaires conditions d’apparition de la vie" PDFsmall (1K) Info
0078 10-09-2013 Veronique Dehant (ROB) ASTROMAP mapping and consultation of the astrobiology community PDFsmall (1K) Info
0077 27-06-2013 Veronique Dehant (ROB) meeting Biogeosciences2013, in Santa Clara (Cuba), from 4 to 8 November 2013 PDFsmall (1K) Info
0076 07-04-2013 Veronique Dehant (ROB) 2-days meeting in Leuven on (exo)planet GCM models, on April 15-16, 2013 PDFsmall (1K) Info
0075 12-03-2013 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Events that will take place on occasion of the 13th European Workshop on Astrobiology EANA'13, to be held in Szczecin, Poland, between 22 and 25 July 2013 PDFsmall (1K) Info
0074 12-03-2013 Veronique Dehant (ROB) NAI Early Earth Focus Group Workshop Without Walls on "The Hadean Earth-Moon System" on May 20-22, 2013 PDFsmall (1K) Info
0073 23-10-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Workshop on Next generation sequencing at the poles in Liege on November 21-23, 2012 PDFsmall (1K) Info
0072 22-10-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) News on different sites where Astrobiology meeting PDFsmall (1K) Info
0071 04-05-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) News on 12th European Workshop on Astrobiology (EANA'12)
0070 04-05-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Deadlines for EANA'12
0069 30-04-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Annoucement of 16th Evolutionary Biology Meeting
0068 13-02-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) List of talks and invited talks 2012 annual meeting PDFsmall (1K) Info
0067 20-02-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Annoucement of 46th ESLAB workshop on the origin of the moons of the solar system PDFsmall (1K) Info
0066 20-02-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) 6th Biomarker Development Conference
0065 20-01-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Emmanuelle Javaux (ULg) Positions at Harvard University
0064 20-01-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Emmanuelle Javaux (ULg) Upcoming conferences and events
0063 20-01-2012 Veronique Dehant (ROB) Emmanuelle Javaux (ULg) Microsymposium 53 Announcement
0062 16-06-2011 Dr Christian Muller (IASB-BIRA) Professor Emmanuelle Javaux (ULg) TR : INTRANET-DIVERS: COST ESF exhibition "the Craddle of Life"
0061 09-12-2010 Emmanuelle Javaux your abstracts in open access PDFsmall (1K) Info
0060 06-12-2010 Emmanuelle Javaux Program and absracts Astrobiology workshop Brussels december 8th PDFsmall (1K) Info
0059 25-11-2010 Emmanuelle Javaux Astrobiology workshop abstract deadline extended to December 3rd
0058 09-11-2010 Emmanuelle Javaux V. Dehant Astrobiology workshop (December 8th 2010) PDFsmall (1K) Info
0057 12-10-2010 Emmanuelle Javaux V.Dehant 1.The annual workshop of the FNRS Astrobiology contact group on December 8th, 2010. The workshop "Astrobiology: from stars and planets to extreme life"
2. attend Microsymposium 52, The Moon: The First Billion Years of Crustal Evolution
3. NASA's Mars Exploration Program needs your image nominations for Mars As Art 2!
0056 01-10-2010 V.Dehant Cost Action on the chemical cosmos, working group 3: chemistry in the solar system; and astrobiology FNRS Contact Group meeting
0055 15-06-2010 J.Cernicharo First announcement IAU Symposium N280 "The Molecular Universe"
0054 04-06-2010 Marco Boldt
Dr C. Fuglesang
New NAI Newsletter Release
ESA Parabolic Flights
0053 31-05-2010 Gerda Horneck
Dr. E. Javaux
annual workshop of EANA, EANA'10
Belgian National Committee on Antarctic Research
“Past, Present and Future Changes in Polar Regions"
0051 04-03-2010 Emmanuelle J. Javaux The deadline for abstracts for the International Astronautical Congress in Prague, 27 September - 1 October 2010 is approaching March 5
0050 25-02-2010 Emmanuelle Javaux V.Dehant 1.Workshop on Astrobiology, to be held from Sept. 6-8 2010 in Pushchino,Russia
2. 38th Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), 18-25 July 2010 in Bremen, Germany
3. June 14-18, Astrobiology Graduate Conference (AbGradCon), Tällberg, Sweden
4. The 7th Annual General Meeting of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society will take place in Hyderabad, India, on 05-09 July 2010.
5. CAREX is opening a call for its summer school that will be held from June 28 to July 3rd, 2010 in Pieve Tesino (Italian Alps).
0049 22-02-2010 Emmanuelle Javaux 1.the 2010 Meeting of the Americas in Foz de Iguassu, Brazil, 8-13 August 2010.
2. abstracts for the AbGradCon2010.
0048 10-02-2010 Emmanuelle J. Javaux CAREX Iceland Field Trip
0047 18-01-2010 Emmanuelle Javaux 1. Access to Planetary Science Facilities
2. COST Astrochemistry CM0805
3. LASSIE EU Training Network Phd and Postdoc Positions
0046 7-12-2009 Emmanuelle Javaux Mars Exploration Science Monthly Newsletter
The General Assembly 2010 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)
0045 17-11-2009 Christian Muller, Emmanuelle Javaux Nicolas Glansdorff Orbituary.
colloque "Evolution de la matière et de la vie"
action COST (CM0805) of the ESF-European Council: the chemical cosmos
0044 07-10-2009 Christian Muller, Emmanuelle Javaux, and Veronique Dehant

Annick Wilmotte
9th European Workshop on Astrobiology “EANA'09”.

Survival strategies in desert cyanobacteria: from Anhydrobiosis to Astrobiology
PDFsmall (1K) Info
0043 18-08-2009 Emmanuelle J. Javaux Workshop on Methane on Mars 25 - 27 November 2009, at ESA/ESRIN in Frascati, Italy. PDFsmall (1K) Info
0042 03-06-2009 Emmanuelle J. Javaux The 9th European Workshop on Astrobiology will take place on October 12th -14th 2009 PDFsmall (1K) Info
0041 02-06-2009 Manfred van Bergen A PhD position (4 years) is available at our Department of Earth Sciences (Utrecht University) PDFsmall (1K) Info
0040 27-05-2009 Emmanuelle Javaux Evolution of the Biosphere : Origins of life & life in space  
0039 25-05-2009 Emmanuelle Javaux "PATHWAYS TOWARDS HABITABLE PLANETS"  
0038 12-05-2009 Emmanuelle Javaux "Space life summer school 2009"  
0037 23-03-2009 Politique scientifique fédérale EXOMARS and Cosmic Vision Missions  
0036 04-03-2009 Gerda Horneck EANA letter 1 in 2009 PDFsmall (1K) EANA letter 1 in 2009
0035 27-02-2009 ESA Conference Bureau Submission of the International Conference on Comparative Planetology Venus-Earth-Mars

0034 03-02-2009 Michaela Gitsch
Werner Verschueren
Summer School websitepdated with information andapplication details"
Exoplanets: Discovering and characterizing Earthtype planets",

0033 20-01-2009 Emmanuelle Javaux
Veronique Dehant
Collège Belgique Cours-conférences 2009 " Astrobiologie "
European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2009
Origins Institute (OI) Astrobiology Postdoctoral Fellowship
0032 06-01-2009 Wolf D. Geppert Water, ice and the Origin of Life in the Universe” in Iceland  
0031 17-12-2008 Werner Verschueren - Gerda Horneck 2009 Alpbach Summer School - highlights EANA  
0030 27-11-2008 Agustin Chicarro International Conference on Comparative Planetology: Venus-Earth-Mars  
0029 12-11-2008 Emmanuelle Javaux, Veronique Dehant Astrobiology Contact Group workshop- CHANGE OF LOCATION!!!  
0028 03-11-2008 Emmanuelle Javaux, Andrey Bekker, Kevin Lepot General Assembly 2009 (EGU2009), - BG7.1 Traces of life from cells to planets  
0027 08-10-2008 C.Muller - Kevin Lepot The eighth European Mars Conference - Les stromatolites archéens sont-ils biogéniques ?  
0026 07-10-2008 V.Dehant Les Nouveaux Mondes du Cosmos  
0025 01-10-2008 Emmanuelle J. Javaux PATHWAYS TOWARDS HABITABLE PLANETS  
0024 29-09-2008 Muriel Gargaud Herve Cottin La 3e edition de nos "Rencontres Exobio pour Doctorants" RED'09,  
0023 18-09-2008 Emmanuelle Javaux "The FNRS contact group “Astrobiology” invites you to participate to its 2nd workshop “WATER AND HABITABILITY " on November 20th 2008, at the Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium PDFsmall (1K) Poster 91 Kb
0022 04-07-2008 Christian Muller ESA meeting "Cosmic Cataclysms and Life" which will take place in November 2008.  
0021 18-06-2008 Gerda Horneck Deadline for submitting abstract to the 8th European Workshop on Astrobiology EANA'08  
0020 18-06-2008 Nicholas Arndt Conference entitled "Complex Systems and Changes: Water and Life" PDFsmall (1K) Flyer 578 Kb
0019 10-06-2008 Emmanuelle Javaux Les conférences de l'université de Bordeaux du 16 au 18 mai "des étoiles à la vie" sont désormais en ligne  
0018 02-04-2008 Emmanuelle Javaux EANA/ESA information  
0017 14-02-2008 Emmanuelle Javaux LIFE IN SPACE FOR LIFE ON EARTH  
0016 14-02-2008 Emmanuelle Javaux upcoming 37th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
EANA has got a new and active website
0015 08-01-2008 Gerda Horneck Letter 08-01 to EANA Council  
0014 28-11-2007 Emmanuelle Javaux European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2008  
0013 28-11-2007 Emmanuelle Javaux RED'08 : Rencontres Exobiologiques pour Doctorants  
0012 19-09-2007 Emmanuelle Javaux New class of astrobiology- GEOL0263 PDFsmall (1K) Program and schedule, 197k
0011 06-09-2007 Muriel Gargaud Post-doc "Terre primitive, soleil jeune et chimie prebiotique  
0010 04-09-2007 Emmanuelle Javaux European Geosciences Union "Biogeosciences" PDFsmall (1K) Brochure, 28Kb) 
0009 12-06-2007 Olivier Absil Cosmic Vision 2020 - The Darwin mission PDFsmall (1K) Darwin proposal, 3141Kb)
0008 02-04-2007 Emmanuelle Javaux First official workshop of our FNRS Astrobiology contact Group  
0007 12-03-2007 Véronique Dehant  Astrobiology - information request  
0006 11-03-2007 Christian Muller EANA 2007 meeting  
0005 07-03-2007 Mergeay Max Conference of Prof. Charles S.COCKELL  
0004 27-02-2007 Augustin Chicarro The First Announcement of the European Mars Science and Exploration Conference (EMSEC):  
0003 19-01-2007 Michaela Gitsch Summer School Alpbach 2007 - Announcement 2007  
0002 17-01-2007 Vittorio Manno Call for Proposals for International Teams in Space Science   
0001 06-11-2006 Christian Muller Next EANA meetings 2007 meeting would be held in Turku, Finland