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Astrobiology workshop 2007: "Astrobiology and habitability"
IntroductionJavauxDehant (1K) The FNRS contact group and astrobiology
Véronique Dehant and Emmanuelle Javaux

chicarro_mex (1K) Plenary talk"Latest scientific results of the Mars-Express Mission"
Agustin Chicarro
(ESA Mars Express Project Scientist)

brussels07-exo (1K) ESA's rover mission to search for past and present life
Agustin Chicarro
(ESA Mars Express Project Scientist)

P_Athens-table2 (1K) Athens Table
Agustin Chicarro
(ESA Mars Express Project Scientist)          

Muller(1K) The UV-VIS spectrometer for the ExoMars mission: Objectives and operations.
C. Muller , M.R. Patel , J.C. Zarnecki , C. Depiesse , D. Moreau , D. Gillotay , M.R. Leese , C.S. Cockell and M.C. Towner.

P_Karatekin_et_al (1K) Toward a climatological model for Mars
O.Karatekin , Le Binh San Pham, V.Dehant, H.Hammer

Verleyen (1K) Biodiversity Assessments Of Lacustrine Microbial Communities In Antarctic Lakes
Elie Verleyen, Dominic A. Hodgson, Koen Sabbe, Annick Wilmotte, Arnaud Taton, Sylvie Cousin, Aaike De Wever, and Wim Vyverman

Habitable exoplanets (1K) Habitable exoplanets     
Dr Frank Selsis
(Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)          

P DeRijcke (1K) The influence of Galactic chemical evolution on the habitability of terrestrial planets
Sven De Rijcke

What Gaia can do you (1K) What Gaia can do you.
D. Pourbaix, C. Siopis, G. Sadowski, B. Tingley, and A. Jorissen

absil_mawet(1K) Sommes-nous seuls dans l'univers
Olivier Absil and Dimitri Mawet                     
ulg_pres.jpg (1K) Searching for evidence of life: technological and scientific aspects under study at Liège University
HARIGS team:
Absil O., Borkowski V., Defrère D., Hanot C., Herwats E., Mawet D., Riaud P. and Surdej J.